Newswire: Psych’s Maggie Lawson to get yelled at by Jane Lynch’s Angel From Hell

The producers of CBS’s comedy pilot Angel From Hell have found someone to act as the recipient of Jane Lynch’s high-volume, possibly-divine intervention. Maggie Lawson, best known for her role on USA’s Psych, will join the storied comedy tradition of getting yelled at by Jane Lynch, standing alongside such other comic luminaries as Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and everybody on Glee. Lawson will play Allison, a young woman whose perfectionist lifestyle is turned upside down when a boisterous woman named Amy (Lynch) forces herself into her life and claims to be her guardian angel. Instead of just calling the cops, Allison acquiesces to the madwoman’s presence, possibly because Amy seems to have prescient knowledge of the future, and also because everyone knows bullets can’t stop Jane Lynch.

Lawson’s no stranger to playing the straight woman to someone with possibly supernatural abilities; she spent eight …

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