Newswire: Psych creator Steve Franks sells new comedic procedural to CBS

For eight seasons, USA’s Psych had way more fun with murder than should normally be allowed, and now creator Steve Franks is back with another show that seems like it will wring plenty of good times out of others’ misfortune. Stuck with the unfortunately bland title Magnolia Springs, the show is about the sheriff of a town called Magnolia Springs that happens to be “a hotbed of criminal activity.” That’s according to Deadline, which adds that this sheriff will enlist his teenage son to help him “investigate the town’s dark secrets and quirky crimes.” That makes it sound a bit like a comedic take on Twin Peaks, and considering that Franks is a noted fan of that show (Psych did multiple Twin Peaks episodes, after all), he’s probably hoping people will draw that comparison. Magnolia Springs is currently lined up at CBS, but no other details …

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