Newswire: PSA: Binge on Jessica Jones and The Man In The High Castle with us this weekend

The A.V. Club has covered television episode by episode in our TV Club section since the fall of 2007, an unforgettable moment in broadcast history that introduced audiences to primetime classics such as Kid Nation, that Bionic Woman reboot, and the 2007-2008 Writers Guild Of America strike. Shows would air new episodes once a week (or so), and we’d post the reviews on the same schedule. Easy.

Then Netflix showed up to the original-content party and started releasing full seasons of shows like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black all at once, with other streaming services following suit. We tend to publish reviews of these all-at-once releases on a comparatively relaxed pace—twice a week or so—because we still think it’s valuable to take our time with in-depth criticism even when the episodes arrive in concentrated bursts. But we also value another critical …

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