Newswire: Prometheus 2 will have Michael Fassbender and lots of questions

Ridley Scott has been multi-tasking while doing the requisite press for The Martian—last month, he casually mentioned in an interview with the film’s star Matt Damon that he’s already begun work on Prometheus 2. Now, in an exclusive interview with Deadline, Scott has just shared some of the film’s plot details, as well as confirmed the return of Michael Fassbender (though hopefully not just as a head).

Deadline caught up with Scott at the Toronto International Film Festival following a screening of The Martian. The director discussed his involvement in multiple sequels, including Blade Runner 2, and how “watchable” Damon is while pretending to be on Mars. When asked about Prometheus 2: Intergalactic Boogaloo, Scott readily confirmed that Fassbender would reprise his role as the android David. Filming will reportedly begin in February, so we guess Fassbender will just have to find a way to juggle …

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