Newswire: Production has begun on the final Resident Evil movie

The Resident Evil film franchise is (finally) coming to an end. The aptly titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will bring the fictional world about the end of the world to a close, and Milla Jovovich couldn’t be happier about it. The actress recently announced on Instagram that “zombie killing season” is open by sharing a behind-the-scenes photo. Jovovich made sure to tag the Resident Evil movies so we wouldn’t confuse their zombie-killing season with anything from The Walking Dead:

Jovovich is heading to South Africa to begin filming with her husband Paul W.S. Anderson, who’s directed all of Resident Evil movies. Jovovich’s character, Alice, was last seen in the White House in Resident Evil: Retribution, which is presumably where the sixth film will pick up. In case you need a refresher, check out our Run The Series feature covering the first five movies.

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