Newswire: Producers of The Odyssey movie just realized there’s also a book called The Iliad

Lionsgate has kept pretty busy in between counting the profits from its Hunger Games franchise. Having just announced its intent to turn the Now You See Me films into a trilogy, the studio is looking for other things it can expand into franchises. Just last month, we reported that it hired the writer, the director, and the producer of The Hunger Games series to turn The Odyssey into a movie. But apparently the company has already realized the outdated idea that one book should be one movie is hopelessly myopic—and not only that, it looks like that Homer guy actually wrote something else, too! Deadline reports that Lionsgate is thinking about not only turning The Odyssey into more than one film, but also doing the same with The Iliad, another famous text free from the annoying hangups of not being in the public domain.

Talking with analysts, Lionsgate CEO …

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