Newswire: Preview pics for the next Game Of Thrones hint at big meetings and vulnerable noses

Last week, we presented a series of preview images from Game Of Thrones that indicated that Ed Sheeran would not be appearing in the new season’s second episode, “Stormborn,” and now HBO has released a new batch of photos we can overanalyze in hopes of determining which popular musical acts will or will not be in the next episode of the show. It actually doesn’t look like any bands or singers will be visiting Westeros in “The Queen’s Justice,” but let’s examine the photos anyway and see if we can make any wildly off-base predictions for where Game Of Thrones is going.

(Photo: HBO, Helen Sloan)

Here’s Varys giving Daenerys some important advice at Dragonstone, and at the risk of spoiling upcoming photos, we’d have to guess that his advice is “sit down on your new chair and wait for Jon Snow to arrive …

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