Newswire: President Obama’s favorite song of 2015 is “How Much A Dollar Cost”

Don’t let his dad jeans fool you—President Barack Obama is a hip fellow with good taste in music. Why, his Spotify vacation playlist includes Florence + The Machine, Nappy Roots, and, uh, Justin Timberlake. So what song would a man of such discerning tastes select for his favorite of 2015? Well, despite First Lady Michelle Obama’s penchant for girl-powered tunes and ”Uptown Funk,” the President of these United States opted for something off of one of The A.V. Club’s best albums of the year. The Commander-In-Chief revealed to People magazine that his favorite song of 2015 is Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much A Dollar Cost.” The song, off the Grammy-nominated To Pimp A Butterfly, has about 12 million plays on Spotify, but that’s still considerably less than “King Kunta,” so maybe the President is more of a deep-tracks kind of guy.

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