Newswire: President Obama is a big Omar fan, as are all reasonable people

President Barack Obama has finally revealed the big news that Americans have been waiting six long years to hear. In a meeting with The Wire creator David Simon, the President unveiled the answer to the question that has dogged him since his inauguration (and no earlier, because we didn’t care prior to that): Who is his favorite character on The Wire? “Omar is, by the way, my favorite character on my favorite show,” Obama said, echoing the opinion of all right-thinking people everywhere.

The sit-down between the two men was actually part of an effort on behalf of the White House to promote the reform of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, something Simon has advocated for years. The President pointed to growing consensus that such laws are ineffective, a statement to which Simon, who produced a TV series that spent five seasons making that exact point, deserves some kind of …

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