Newswire: Preschool warns parents that their kids may be exposed to Lindsay Lohan

Taking the sort of precaution with which it would treat any potentially toxic infestation, a Brooklyn nursery school has issued a warning to parents that their children could be exposed to Lindsay Lohan. In a letter handed out by administrators at Fort Greene’s Duffield Children’s Center, school officials write that, despite cautionary measures, Lohan would be detected in the building as soon as today, which is when her court-ordered community service is scheduled to resume, after Lohan missed the actual scheduled date of yesterday. Depending on sudden shifts in the wind, how long she actually spends there, and other unpredictable vagaries, it’s highly possible that kids could find themselves in a classroom that is positively crawling with Lohan.

In the letter obtained by Page Six, the school’s director reminds parents of the previous Lohan outbreak in August 2014, when the occasional actress volunteered while being filmed …

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