Newswire: Preacher’s back in June for a road trip from—and to—Hell

In a TV landscape where comic book adaptations tend to be breezy, bad guy-fighting fun, AMC’s Preacher hit hard last year, culminating in a massive explosion that basically wiped its small-town Texas setting off the map. Now, the network has announced that Jesse Custer, Tulip, and Cassidy the vampire—who ended the season with a pledge to track down God and make him pay for ditching out on his creations—will be back for more chaos on June 19.

(Photo: AMC/SonyTV)

(Photo: AMC/SonyTV)

AMC also dropped some snapshots from the upcoming God-hunting road trip (which will apparently feature at least a few gnarly detours to Hell itself), including shots of The Saint Of Killers, tight hotel accommodations, and the ongoing difficulties of being a vampire in sunny Texas. There’s no sign of the three new actors the show added to its regular cast yesterday—Noah Taylor …

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