Newswire: Political icon Lord Buckethead made a surprise appearance at Glastonbury

Lord Buckethead may not be a household name here in the United States, but that’s only because our political system isn’t quite as crazy as whatever they’ve got going in the United Kingdom. As we learned earlier this month, Lord Buckethead is an absurdist fixture in British politics who tends to mysteriously pop up when a Conservative Prime Minister runs for reelection. He’s basically a spoiler candidate who just exists to garner protest votes, and in the most recent election (in which he received 152 votes), his platform was based on providing free bicycles to people, fighting obesity, and preventing bicycle theft.

Lord Buckethead didn’t just return to whatever galaxy he comes from this time, though, he actually stuck around on our planet for a few weeks so he could introduce English music duo Sleaford Mods at Glastonbury on Friday. According to Metro, Lord Buckethead …

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