Newswire: Political committee to elect The Rock officially files with the FEC

No offense to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who from all of his interviews and assorted promotional junk seems like a genuinely nice and extremely well-meaning person, but America should probably take a break in between installing WWE Hall of Famers in the White House. Nevertheless, the idea of Johnson running for president as soon as the 2020 election has been floating around for the past couple of months, and we would say it’s just an amusing little trifle that’s not meant to be taken seriously, except we learned that lesson the hard way.

Yesterday, this fun dream that seriously, definitely should not actually become reality came a step closer to doing exactly that, as a group called “Run The Rock 2020” filed on Johnson’s behalf with the Federal Election Commission. The group, it should be noted, has no official ties to Johnson himself. The paperwork was filed …

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