Newswire: Police say they arrested Miles Teller for public drunkenness, he disagrees

Standard procedure when a celebrity has some brush with the law is for some outlet like TMZ to pick up a hot scoop, followed by the police releasing an official statement confirming that the celebrity did a thing, and then the celebrity fading away for a short period of time until everyone forgets about the thing they did. Miles Teller doesn’t do things the normal way, though, because he was in Whiplash and he knows that J.K. Simmons will flip out if he’s not always at the top of his game. Perhaps that’s why he has decided to publicly question the San Diego Police Department’s account of his own recent brush with the law.

As reported by the L.A. Times, the SDPD released a statement today saying that Teller was out partying with friends over the weekend when an officer stopped him and noticed …

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