Newswire: Police officer forced into counseling for taking photo with Snoop Dogg

While most people who took their photos with Snoop Dogg at this year’s SXSW suffered little more than embarrassment, a Texas Department of Public Safety officer now has to undergo counseling. Trooper Billy Spears was called in to work security at the annual festival, when he was stopped by Mr. Dogg—who served as this year’s keynote speaker—and asked to take a photo. Mr. Dogg then posted that photo on his Instagram with the caption, “Me n my deputy dogg [gun emoji] [twinkly star emoji] [more twinkly stars emoji].” Like most people, Spears’ commanding officers were not amused.

According to the Dallas Morning News‘ Christy Hoppe, Spears was reprimanded for “posing with a known criminal”—in this case Snoop Dogg, who has been charged several times with doing exactly what he constantly sings and talks about. There was also that case of murder he was given—and …

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