Newswire: Playboy reporter champions the media at White House press conference

These are dark times for many of us, including the press—which, when you think about it, is especially bad, because the news media helps hold offending parties accountable, but not if its members are barred from briefings (when they happen at all). In fact, the fourth estate as a whole has been under attack, having been declared an enemy of the American people by the leader of the American people. Individual reporters are also facing rough treatment, including being body-slammed, also by an (eventually) elected official.

With recent reports of a lack of due diligence at outlets with as extensive of resources as CNN, some might find it difficult to feel sorry for these muckrakers, but not the brave folks at Playboy. These longtime champions of pairing airbrushed nudes with Fahrehnheit 451 excerpts are tired of the combative Trump administration. One writer in particular, Brian J. Karem, lost his …

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