Newswire: Pizza Hut has its own, ill-advised “hip” clothing line now

Pizza Hut wants its customers to know that it’s totally down with the kids. That’s why it’s recently launched its own hideous line of pizza-themed apparel, featuring five-panel hats, “hilarious” hoodies, and pizza-print yoga leggings. The greasy fast-pizza chain created the items via a partnership with L.A. fashion brand Bella+Canvas, and printed a number of the items with photo-realistic images of their pizza, all of which most assuredly look tastier than any pizza you’ve ever ordered from Pizza Hut. While some of the items like the aforementioned pizza yoga pants keep the Hut branding minimal, other items, like this insanely ill-advised baseball cap, really splash it out there:

Ignoring the sexist implications of this slogan—and man, are they sexist—why would anyone want to take their toppings off? Wouldn’t that make your pizza all weird and just leave you with a handful …

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