Newswire: Pittsburgh mayor rejects Trump’s climate change advances

Standing amid blooming rose bushes that will soon dry up and burst into flames if he gets his way, Donald Trump tried to justify his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord by saying he “was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” Aside from displaying a stunningly wrong-headed interpretation of what “Paris Accord” means—it’s called that because it was signed in Paris, dumbass—apparently Trump was behaving in characteristic creeper fashion as well.

Yes, Pittsburgh indicated that it’s not interested on Election Day, when nearly 80 percent of its citizenry voted for Hillary Clinton. But like an unwanted suitor who keeps sending you late-night “hey”s until you’re forced to block the idiot, Trump keeps trying to court the city anyway, forcing Mayor Bill Peduto to go full Mariah and say “I don’t know her” to Trump’s coal-country talking points …

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