Newswire: Pitchforks come out as internet discovers Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison account

Listen, we’re not saying Josh Duggar is a good guy, or that it isn’t deeply hypocritical for a so-called “family values” activist to argue that gay marriage irrevocably damages the very concept of marriage itself when he doesn’t take his own marriage vows seriously. We’re not saying that the “mistakes he made when he was younger” weren’t seriously fucked up—criminal, in fact—and that it isn’t even more fucked up that his parents protected him in the interest of maintaining the patriarchal order of their household, which places the reputation of its eldest son over the physical and mental well-being of its daughters. That’s all true as far as we’re concerned.

But it’s also statistically improbable that none of the people tweeting out Duggar’s alleged OK Cupid profile have any online secrets of their own.

The uproar began …

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