Newswire: Pitch Perfect 3 is getting a-ca-delayed

Pushing back ongoing efforts to get the prefix “a-ca” slotted in front of every word in the English language by at least five months, Variety is reporting that Pitch Perfect 3 has been delayed. The sequel—which still stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, and will be directed by a returning Elizabeth Banks—was moved back from July 21, 2017, to December 22. The Regina Hall vehicle Girl Trip is being put in its place.

News about Pitch Perfect 3 hit the internet before the second movie even made its way into theaters. Once Pitch Perfect 2 arrived, though, it quickly justified the sequel’s existence, surpassing the original film’s total gross in its first week. It’s not clear at the moment why Universal moved the new movie back; it’s possible they think it‘ll be able to entice away viewers who’ll already have had their …

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