Newswire: Pierce Brosnan says he was tricked into endrosing an addictive Indian product

Western star does weird commercials in another country” is a time-honored tradition, padding the bank accounts of actors from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Eddie Murphy. So it’s not wholly surprising that former James Bond Pierce Brosnan might do a commercial in India, riffing on his old superspy persona. (Complete with kung-fu kicks, fancy cars, and a big, bushy beard.) What does come as a surprise—including to Brosnan himself, as it turns out—is what he was shilling for: an addictive, chewing tobacco-like substance known as pan masala.

Hired by Indian company Pan Bahar, Brosnan apparently thought he was making a commercial for a “mouth freshener.” Indeed, the commercial prominently displays a label bearing those words on the canister in his hands. But Pan Bahar is mostly known for its pan masala line of products, a mixture of betel leaf and areca nut frequently denounced by medical professionals for its …

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