Newswire: Photographers hate, hate, hate, hate, hate on Taylor Swift for her Apple deal

The haters continue to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Earlier this week, Taylor Swift took on Apple and actually won: Apple wasn’t going to to pay royalties to artists during the three-month Apple Music trial period, but T. Swift took umbrage to this and got Apple to reverse the decision, scoring one for independent artists like herself.

Of course, somebody out there was going to find hypocrisy in Taylor fighting the good fight, namely photographer Jason Sheldon. On Monday, Sheldon wrote a blog post responding to Swift’s tirade about Apple Music, calling her out for doing the exact same thing to photographers that Apple was planning on doing to musicians. Sheldon posted an image of the contract that he signed when he shot Swift’s 2011 tour, similar to the one that photographers are required to sign to shoot the 1989 tour:

Sheldon points out that points two …

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