Newswire: Phil Lord and Chris Miller are turning Serial into a TV show

In a blatant attempt to prove that they can do anything and everything, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have announced that they have picked up the rights to turn Serial—one of the most famous podcasts in the world that doesn’t feature a guy in a garage talking about cats—into a TV show. This is on top of all of the other things they’re doing, including making a movie about Han Solo, a show about a cartoon barbarian, a Spider-Man cartoon, a Lego Flash movie, the Lego Movie sequel, (maybe) another 21 Jump Street sequel, Fox’s The Last Man On Earth, and a bunch of other stuff that might not even be happening anymore.

The news about this Serial show comes from Deadline, which says it will follow “the making of the podcast as it follows a case.” The case in question won’t be the …

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