Newswire: Phil Lord and Chris Miller are making an animated Spider-Man movie

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the guys who made meatballs rain on a colorful town and comically oversized sacks of money fall on Warner Bros. with The Lego Movie, have been tapped to bring their increasingly lucrative brand of whimsy to Sony’s Spider-Man franchise. As revealed by Sony executives at this year’s CinemaCon, the pair will be helming an animated version of everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler, set for a July 20, 2018 release. There’s no word yet on whether Lord and Miller, whose previous superhero work includes writing the upcoming Flash movie and all the fun Batman bits in The Lego Movie, will have Peter Parker once again under the maskas in all of the character’s live-action appearancesor whether they’ll do something interesting for a change. It was noted, however, that the animated Spidey will exist separately from his latest live-action incarnation …

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