Newswire: Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg working on secret project as well as a Tintin sequel

Looks like the fellowship of the Tintin sequels is back in uncanny valley effect—The Playlist reports that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are still planning to unleash a follow-up to 2011’s Adventures Of Tintin. Spielberg has already handed over the Tintin reins to Jackson, who was just a producer on the first film. Four years ago, when Jackson was still ankle-deep in The Hobbit production, Spielberg cheerfully signed him up to direct the sequel. But now that he’s laid that franchise to rest—and while he remains indifferent to filming other Tolkien works—Jackson is ready to continue the underwhelming saga.

The confirmation comes once again from Spielberg, who tells The Playlist that Jackson’s preoccupation with The Hobbit films was the only thing that kept him adapting more of Hergé’s comics. But, in what’s presumably an effort to thank Jackson for taking one for …

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