Newswire: Peter Jackson finally, sort-of confirms he’ll direct an episode of Doctor Who

With Middle-earth now far behind him, it looks like Peter Jackson will finally book a (figurative, of course) trip to Gallifrey. Until recently, the director had been reticent about any plans to direct an episode of Doctor Who, despite some insistent courting by showrunner Steven Moffat. It has been almost 18 months since Moffat discussed the possibility of Jackson directing an episode of the long-running BBC series, though he didn’t do a great job of selling Jackson on the gig, noting that the Tolkien adaptor would be forced to work with a considerably smaller budget and shorter timeframe than he’s used to by now.

Nonetheless, given the overlap in their geeky sensibilities, Moffat seemed confident that Jackson would take on the task. His optimism has now been rewarded, with Jackson taking to Facebook to acknowledge that he’s dodged Moffat’s emails while also insinuating that he’s …

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