Newswire: Peter Florrick to run against Hillary Clinton in The Good Wife season 7

According to The Good Wife co-creator Robert King, Peter Florrick is set to launch his own bid for President of the United States on the Democratic ticket in the upcoming seventh season of the CBS legal drama. And he’s running against none other than real-life presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. “If Peter runs, he is running against Hillary,” King told TV Line, adding that it’s “amazing” CBS is “letting us do that.” But King would probably also like to point out that this isn’t real. Life may be sort of imitating art by allowing Clinton to enter the world of The Good Wife, but just like Josh Charles isn’t actually dead, Chris Noth isn’t actually running for president. Just so we’re clear.

King also said that Peter’s campaign storyline will parallel the official real-life primary timeline, and the Iowa Caucus will go down on …

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