Newswire: Peter Dinklage sings a jaunty tune about characters who died on Game Of Thrones

While red noses on clowns may connote the stuff of childhood horror à la Poltergeist‘s Clown Doll, it’s also the symbol and namesake of Red Nose Day, a comic fundraising campaign that uses the red nose to put a cheery face on children living in poverty. Red Nose Day has been a celebrity-filled fundraising campaign in the U.K. for the past 30 years; this year marks the first annual Red Nose Day in the U.S., in which celebrities make funnies so viewers at home will donate to various charities that address poverty.

Previews tease the slew of celebrities involved, including Peter Dinklage singing a snappy tune about the beloved (and not-so-beloved) Game Of Thrones characters who have been beheaded, poisoned, gored by a boar, and/or killed at a wedding. “Some people’s parts just ain’t very long/But not me, I’m still going …

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