Newswire: PETA goes for a dignity homerun by suing over the selfie rights of monkeys

Acting, as always, to uphold the dignity of every living creature save themselves, members of the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have brought a lawsuit against a photographer for infringing on the copyright to a photo taken by an endangered crested macaque. The photograph in question, usually referred to as the “monkey selfie,” has actually already been at the center of a contentious legal discussion over who owns the rights to animal-produced art, with the U.S. Copyright Office ruling last year that only works produced by a human being can by subject to copyright.

But that’s not stopping PETA from suing photographer David Slater, claiming that he’s profiting off of works that are owned by an Indonesian macaque (whose name, lest any aspect of this story avoid being completely ridiculous, is Naruto) after it came across and used Slater’s unattended camera equipment in the …

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