Newswire: PETA accuses Mike Epps of animal abuse after he brings a kangaroo on stage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, comedian Mike Epps is facing criticism from animal rights groups like PETA for bringing a “chained” kangaroo on stage during a recent show in Detroit. It’s unclear what the purpose of the stunt was, but apparently a trainer brought the animal out of a cage and led it around on a leash while Epps and other people on the stage danced around. As this went on, the kangaroo struggled to get free and then “appeared to take a punch at Epps,” who jumped back to avoid it. You can see a quick video of this happening below.

Shame on you Mike Epps! Animals are NOT entertainment! 👎🚫@theshaderoom #MikeEpps in #Detroit last night.😡@WorldAnimalNews @Peace_4_Animals

— World Animal News (@WorldAnimalNews) April 2, 2017

It’s worth noting that PETA is often wildly off-base when it comes to the things it takes issue …

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