Newswire: PepsiCo pushes healthy snacks on America, but we just want Cheetos

Like Sisyphus pushing a giant cheeseball up a hill, PepsiCo remains dogged in its pursuit to try and provide healthy snack options to a consumer that, despite saying they want nutrition, longs only for cheese-dusted fingers. According to the Wall Street Journal, despite setting aggressive goals for its nutritious products, PepsiCo has found sales of fatty, salty snacks like Doritos and Cheetos continually on the rise. Consider this another example of Americans saying they want something healthy and sustainable, but then choosing what is literally the worst possible option.

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi considers the company’s development of healthier products “an ethical imperative.” She also believes it can be a boon for the PepsiCo financially. Though you may not realize it, PepsiCo is behind “good for you” brands like Quaker oatmeal, Naked juice, and Smartfood Delight popcorn. They also recently acquired KeVita Inc, a maker of fermented probiotic drinks …

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