Newswire: People just can’t stop stealing from Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette may have once dismissed the value of free ride when you’ve already paid, but considering how the last few months have gone for her, she’d probably appreciate a few free rides here and there. In January, she sued her former business manager for stealing $4.8 million from her, and now TMZ is reporting that thieves recently broke into her house and stole $2 million in jewelry. At this point, she should probably make sure there isn’t a goofy “steal from me” sign taped to her back, because this is pretty crazy.

The TMZ story says her home is “in a very secure area” and that it’s unclear if anything other than jewelry was taken, but it seems a little unusual that she would have so much jewelry stolen right after that lawsuit. Still, it’s more of a coincidence than irony, so we …

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