Newswire: Pearl Jam donates $70,000 to help man who saved Eddie Vedder’s life

Pearl Jam has been a socially conscious band for decades, but it’s starting to look more and more like Eddie Vedder was recently visited by three Christmas-related ghosts who taught him an important lesson about the value of helping your fellow man. Or maybe the members of Pearl Jam are just generally good people who like to use their Hall Of Fame-worthy success to make the world a slightly better place. Either way, we already reported on Vedder donating $10,000 to help a mother in Maryland a few days ago, and now Consequence Of Sound has a story about Pearl Jam donating $70,000 to help a man named Keith Baxter pay for his medical bills.

This time, though, the story goes a bit further than Vedder being touched by the heartbreaking struggle of one Maryland mom. As it turns out, Keith Baxter actually saved Vedder’s life …

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