Newswire: PBS says federal budget cuts would shut down local stations

PBS is running the show at TCA summer press tour for the next two days, which includes previews of a Richard Linklater-focused episode of American Masters and Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War documentary. There’s also plenty of non-documentary content, like the new season of Victoria and the second installment of the Anne Of Green Gables trilogy. But a shadow in the form of a baggy-suited, wannabe despot looms over the proceedings, for it was only six months ago that Donald Trump announced his plans to rid the world of the arts—sorry, the National Endowment For The Arts and the National Endowment For The Humanities—as well as privatize the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, the government entity from which NPR and PBS get some of their funding.

This was one of several topics of discussion during this morning’s executive session, which PBS president and CEO Paula Kerger addressed …

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