Newswire: Pavement is up to something, although no one’s sure what

Like a presidential candidate announcing that she’s going to make an announcement soon about whether or not she’s going to announce her intentions to announce running for President, indie rock legends Pavement have made the faintest indication that it is gradually, eventually, gearing up for…something.

The band recently updated its Facebook page with a flurry of posts from its members, most notably Scott Kannberg, a.k.a. Spiral Stairs, who announced, “there’s some great news coming soon.” Bob Nastanovich also teased, “[drummer Steve] West is hanging in Nashville with David. Is that newsworthy?” David is probably Silver Jews frontman and occasional collaborator David Berman, who lives in Nashville. But Berman has never recorded or performed with Pavement, so…not newsworthy? Or maybe he’s going to start? So, yes it is newsworthy?

The non-announcements and various chatter are as cryptic as Pavement’s most indecipherable lyrics …

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