Newswire: Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis reunite for ’50s fashion movie

Cinephile Christmas has come early as Variety brings the welcome news that Daniel Day-Lewis and his There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson may be reuniting for another movie. The film will be set in New York in the ’50s and will revolve around the fashion industry—Todd Haynes, eat your heart out—but beyond that the details of the plot are still unknown. Anderson’s directing from his own script, though, and is reportedly meeting with a number of “young actresses of Eastern European descent” to cast supporting roles.

Probably thanks to his famously intense Method acting technique, Day-Lewis hasn’t done a film since 2012’s Lincoln. He won an Oscar for his role in There Will Be Blood, though, so it seems safe to assume his current “loose attachment” to the project will solidify soon. Start preparing your “I Drink Your Malted Milkshake” memes now.

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