Newswire: Paul Schrader and Nicolas Cage reunite, swear they’ll do better this time

Director Paul Schrader and Nicolas Cage are re-teaming to adapt Dog Eat Dog, a renowned crime novel from writer Eddie Bunker. The film, scripted by Schrader and Matt Wilder, takes place “in the deep underbelly of Los Angeles” and follows three ex-cons who plan an abduction that goes awry, subsequently fleeing from the police.

It’s difficult to forecast this film’s success without considering the problems of Schrader and Cage’s last collaboration, 2014’s The Dying Of The Light, which Schrader disowned after it was re-cut by producers. But the outspoken director seeks to put all of our minds at ease by yelling at us on Facebook about how he, at long last, has final cut for his project:

Whatever happens, at least we’ll have the movie Schrader intended—and maybe a performance from Cage that will help us forget Left Behind. Maybe.

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