Newswire: Paul McCartney might have a song about Trump on his new album

Recently, Paul McCartney visited the Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts—a school he co-founded and attended many years ago when it was just a high school—and it sounds like while he was there he teased that a song on his upcoming album will be about Donald Trump. That comes from the Liverpool Echo (via The Hollywood Reporter), which reports that basically all he said to the students was, “Sometimes the situation in the world is so crazy that you’ve got to address it.” When combined with an interview he gave earlier this month with Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, though, it’s clear that this won’t be some kind of horrible pro-Trump ballad.

“I’m not a fan at all,” McCartney said of Trump, adding that he has “unleashed a kind of violent prejudice that is sometimes latent among people.” He also says that Trump has made …

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