Newswire: Patti Smith is still very serious, writing another book

If there’s one thing Patti Smith is known for, it’s defending the Twilight movies against haters. And if there’s a second thing Smith is known for, it’s guest-starring on Law And Order: Criminal Intent. Then, a little further down the list, she’s known for writing books, and that’s about it. Her last book, the memoir Just Kids—about her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe—won the 2010 National Book Award for nonfiction. Now Pitchfork brings word that Smith has penned a new memoir, M Train, to be released by Knopf on October 6.

Smith is basically the quintessence of the Lower East Side New York City bohemian artiste, and her writing doesn’t stray from that persona. So the description of this new book is very serious, because Patti Smith is very serious and also because, for all her talent, she seems constitutionally incapable …

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