Newswire: Patti LuPone to appear on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend managed to overcome the difficulty of being a musical comedy series on The CW called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in its first season, so now for season two it can just go crazy and fully test the limits of what a musical comedy series can do. Naturally, then, it has turned to Broadway icon Patti LuPone to really jack up the musical side, with E! News reporting that LuPone will guest star in the 10th episode of the show’s second season. The series stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, the eponymous ex-girlfriend, and LuPone will reportedly play a “pivotal person” from her past who crosses paths with Rebecca when she returns to her hometown.

The E! News story says there “no official word” on if LuPone will sing or not, but we can’t imagine there’s really much of a question there. We just hope everybody on set …

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