Newswire: Patrick Stewart uses marijuana every single day

Were it not already obvious from his starring role in Blunt Talk, that time he put on a lobster costume and hopped in the bath, his inability to stop giggling over a dumb Christmas hat, or his recent loving, languorous petting of a pitbull, Sir Patrick Stewart uses weed, like, every single day. The 76-year-old actor recently released a statement lending his support to a new initiative undertaken by Oxford University to explore medicinal cannabis, the first of its kind in the UK, revealing that he’s partaken of marijuana daily for the past two years to treat his arthritis. It’s a bold public stance that Stewart hopes will help to remove the “prejudice, fear, and ignorance” surrounding cannabis research, which has until now been held back by an uptight British populace that desperately needs to pick it, pack it, fire it up, and come along as researchers investigate …

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