Newswire: Parents suing makers of Welch’s Fruit Snacks for being more snack than fruit

When the sun finally sets on the 21st century, and hordes of leather-bound, Segway-riding warriors roam the decaying remnants of what used to be the United States, fighting over the depleted reserves left over from the Gasoline Wars of 2058, a lonely scribe will sit down to pen the final historical accounts of our once-mighty society. And in his journal, next to the year “2015,” he will simply mark down the words “Fruit Snack Scandal.” For the latest Trial Of The Century has begun, and as Fortune reports, it involves a class action lawsuit against the makers of Welch’s Fruit Snacks, alleging deceptive marketing for a food item that is “no more healthful than candy.”

The suit claims the manufacturer, Promotion In Motion (really, crappy snack-food company? That’s the rhyme you went with?), falsely advertised the little Day-Glo nightmares as possessing “significant amounts of the actual fruits shown …

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