Newswire: Paramount wants to reboot The Saint again

People tend to complain when something like Spider-Man gets rebooted, because the Spider-Man movies aren’t that old and are still a big part of the public consciousness. However, if studios really want to milk some more money out of an existing thing without people whining on the internet, they need to turn to slightly obscure properties that were around long before today’s 18-34-year-olds were born. That’s presumably the reasoning behind Paramount’s decision to revive The Saint, a long-running series of spy thriller novels that was adapted into a hugely popular TV show in the ‘60s starring Roger Moore and then a 1997 movie starring Val Kilmer. (Today’s kids don’t even know what a Val Kilmer is.)

This comes from Deadline, which explains that the books (written by Leslie Charteris) are about a James Bond-type named Simon Templar who uses spy skills to battle the …

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