Newswire: Paramount may acquire the rights to classic sci-fi novel The Stars My Destination

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures is in talks to acquire the feature film rights to The Stars My Destination, a science fiction novel that originally appeared as a four-part serial in Galaxy magazine during the ’50s. Written by Alfred Bester, it’s set in the 25th century, a time when human beings have learned to teleport—or “jaunte,” in the parlance of the book—long distances just by thinking, a development that has uprooted the social and economic balance of the solar system.

In the midst of this conflict, an unskilled, unambitious man named Gulliver Foyle is stranded in outer space after the merchant ship he’s traveling on is attacked. Unable to jaunte through space, Foyle is finally able to send a distress signal to a passing spaceship, but it ignores him. Enraged, Foyle fixes the wreck, picks up some crazy facial tattoos, and dedicates himself to interplanetary vengeance …

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