Newswire: Pamela Anderson also doesn’t want you to take an Uber

When she’s not using poisoned vegan sandwiches to bring down WikiLeaks, Pamela Anderson is finding other ways to stop the dissemination of things—even literal semen, as seen in her recent anti-porn crusade. Anderson’s evolution from beach-running Baywatch star to the sand in the world’s cracks has been a long and gradual one, beginning with the animal rights activism that led her to crusade against both eating meat and wearing fur. But lately she’s turned her attention to the most dangerous animal, the rhino man, whose primal urges she first raised the alarm about in a Wall Street Journal op-ed warning of “pornography’s corrosive effects on a man’s soul.” And now she’s continued that mission in a new PSA, reminding women that many of these sex-crazed men also drive Ubers.

In a clip titled “The Driving Game,” Anderson turns in a convincing portrayal …

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