Newswire: Paintings from Pink Floyd’s The Wall are going on sale

Here’s some exciting news for Pink Floyd fans with a lot of money to burn and a desperate need to cover their walls with some creepy imagery: a bunch of original paintings used in the creation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall are now going on sale. The works are coming from the private collection of original artist Gerald Scarfe, and they include stuff created for the album, concerts, and film, like “The Scream” painting used for the film’s poster, an early version of the Mother character, and a sheet of storyboard art with a whole bunch of iconic images.

(Image: Gerald Scarfe)

The sale is going through the San Francisco Art Exchange, and the organization’s website says the paintings will be sold individually or as a complete collection, and they’ll be give to “the first buyer to agree to price and terms.” That means this …

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