Newswire: Oxford English Dictionary adds “Scooby Snack” a few decades too late

Gather around, English-speaking people. It’s time to put away your pedantry and open your mind, because the Oxford English Dictionary has once again come up with some new words we all have to come to terms with. The newbies this time around include “glamping” (a portmanteau of “glamorous camping”), “listicle” (an article that is just a list), “dudette” (a female dude), and some weird examples of British/Australian slang like “bovver,” “budgie smugglers,” and “deffo.”

(Image: Oxford English Dictionary)

The OED is also adding a bunch of internet-oriented abbreviations and sayings, like “AFK,” “TTYL,” “L8R,” and the laugh-related “ROFL,” “LMAO,” and “LMFAO” for anyone who is really into party rocking. Weirdly, the anti-literate “TL;DR” (“too long; didn’t read”) is being added to the OED as well, with the announcement post saying it was first used to dismiss someone’s lengthy opinion about the video game Metroid Prime …

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