Newswire: Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are Bastards

Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are set to play brothers from the same unmarried mother, signing on to star together in the new comedy Bastards. (Not to be confused with the movie-title spelling “basterds,” which refers to people who fight Nazzis in an inglourious fashion.) Helms and Wilson will play siblings who attempt to track down their birth father after discovering that their mother slept with numerous famous men back in her days at Studio 54.

Bastards will be the directorial debut of Larry Sher, a prolific cinematographer who worked in recent years to capture the delicate mise en scène of Helms and Zach Galifianakis screaming obscenities at each other in the Hangover films. The first-time director will be working from a script from relative newcomer Justin Malen, who presumably made up for his inexperience by including lots of opportunities for famous older actors to make cameos in the movie …

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