Newswire: Our comedy fest, now with awesome aftershow sets

As vaguely promised weeks ago, the second annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival—brought to you by The A.V. Club and The Onion—is going to deliver some fantastic aftershows, so you never have to stop laughing. But first, some quick news about the fest.

— The Kyle Kinane show at Thalia Hall is reaaallly close to selling out. If you’re waffling, buy tickets right this minute.

— The early screening of UHF with “Weird Al” in attendance is also verrrrry close to selling out. The late show will likely sell out, too. You’ve been warned!

— Unfortunately, The Katydids show at the Hideout has been canceled due to a scheduling thing.

AND NOW… The aftershows. From Tuesday, May 26 until Saturday, May 30, we’ll be presenting a series of late-night programs at the brand new, thoroughly awesome Virgin Hotel Chicago. (Thanks to them and to Silvercar for helping make …

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