Newswire: Oscars buddies Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay are teaming up

Oscar winners Adam McKay and Jennifer Lawrence are teaming up for a movie exploring two of their favorite subjects. For McKay, that means high-stakes financial shenanigans, like those he covered in last year’s The Big Short. For Lawrence, it means women getting paid. According to Variety, the pair just signed on for an untitled feature about biotech company founder Elizabeth Holmes, who was recently (and briefly) listed by Forbes magazine as the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.

That (briefly) up there stems from recent allegations that Holmes’ company—blood-testing firm Theranos—isn’t nearly as accurate as it claims to be, in terms of either its bloodwork or its accounting. Amid inquiries from a number of government agencies, the company’s value has been massively devalued, and Holmes’ estimated net worth tanked along with it. And while we’ve never met Holmes, that sort of meteoric rise and …

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